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Lakes Area Landscaping offers the following services to Detroit Lakes, Pelican Rapids, Cormorant, Dunvilla, and various other lake areas.

– Lawn sprinkler systems
– Low voltage outdoor lighting
– Paver patios, walkways, & driveways
– Natural stone patios or flagstone
– Outdoor kitchens

– Firepits
– Retaining walls
– Segmented retaining walls
– Boulder or natural stone walls
– Concrete curb edging

– Hydroseeding and sodding
– Installation of trees & shrubs
– Decks, fences, etc.
– Snow removal

Rip Rap / Shoreline Restoration

Proper placement and installation of rip rap will help keep your land secure and property value up. We offer comprehensive consultations for waterfront owners to include the best placement for docks and water access ways with our shoreline protection and plantings.

Lakes Area Landscaping
Lakes Area Landscaping


The designers at Lakes Area Landscaping are trained to create a unique design for each client's needs while considering lifestyle, environment, maintenance, and budget. A carefully designed landscape plan will lead to smooth and efficient installation, manageable maintenance, and a beautiful landscape for years to come.


An automatic sprinkler system will help you conserve water. Reducing water consumption in our landscapes is a priority at Lakes Area Landscaping. Reducing the size of your landscaped areas using drip systems, smart controllers, and rain gauges are great ways to conserve water. System design and installation are critical factors that will affect your system's performance and longevity. Our irrigation department can take care of your system needs to ensure your landscape investment will increase in size and value for many years to come.

Lakes Area Landscaping
Lakes Area Landscaping

Patio & Retaining Walls

With proper design and placement, a patio can greatly enhance your landscape project's functionality and comfort. A patio is the extension of your living space and is the central core of your family gatherings and a place of calm. Add a steel fire pit, a reclaimed granite bench, a birdbath, or some colorful flower pots, and your patio will become your favorite place to enjoy our beautiful Minnesota skies. Our installers are ICPI Certified and Borgert Block Company Certified.


Lakes Area Landscaping specializes in clean, beautiful mowing. Your lawn will be efficiently mowed by trained workers. We use only the best equipment and keep our blades sharp. We want to cut your grass, not rip it with dull blades, which promotes disease and an unsightly cut. Cutting with sharp blades stimulates growth and a healthier-looking turf.

Lakes Area Landscaping
Lakes Area Landscaping

Snow Removal

The staff at Lakes Area Landscaping is hardworking, dependable, and committed to serving all of our corporate, retail, and residential customers. Our goal is timely snow removal every time a snow event occurs. Our snow plowing and snow removal service keep you moving. We work around the clock to ensure your lots and driveways are plowed, and any ice issues are dealt with to ensure safety. We believe that communication is one of the keys to our success. We work hard to meet or exceed client expectations and to address concerns before they become problems. Most importantly, our clients can reach us in a timely manner.